The story goes

that this was the original farmhouse of the area with an acre as the surrounding piece of land. It is positioned just over the brow of the hill, to enjoy a good view of the Gorge (particularly good in the mornings) from the covered veranda and is protected from the cold winds coming off the Berg. The Oregon pine floors remain in some parts of the house, giving it a lovely retro feel as well as being warm and cosy in winter.

Back in 1922 it was written into the deeds that a nearby spring was to remain part of the property. We have yet to come across the spring, perhaps the historians out there could lend us a hand!

Kick your shoes off and relax

The site has a fair slope to it with massive trees growing at the lower edge which are really nice to go and amble under so one can cool down on a hot day and if you're more energetic, you are welcome to take a dip in the pool and enjoy a drink on the terrace. Go on over to the trickling pond and see if you can spot the koi hiding in the shadows. Go on...Kick your shoes off and relax…enjoy the cool grass tickling your bare feet and have another beer!